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Feature-weight assignment can be regarded as a generalization of feature selection. That is, if all values of feature weights are either 1 or 0, feature-weight assignment degenerates to the special case of feature selection. Generally speaking, a number in [0 1] can be assigned to a feature for indicating the importance of the feature. This paper shows that(More)
A non-adaptive group testing(NGT) algorithm is useful in many areas. One of the examples is the problem of DNA library screening. While a mathematical model of NGT algorithm is a $d-$disjunct matrix. In this paper, we construct a $d-$disjunct matrix in a simple way. By discussing the Hamming distance of $B_d(\delta^{**}(n,d,k))$, where $\delta^{**}(n,d,k)$(More)
In this paper, we establish the theory of fuzzy ideal convergence on completely distributive lattices and give characterizations of some topological notions. We also study fuzzy limit structures and discuss the relationship between fuzzy co-topologies and fuzzy limit structures.
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