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In this paper we describe the ForSpec Temporal Logic (FTL), the new temporal property-specification logic of ForSpec, Intel’s new formal specification language. The key features of FTL are as follows: it is a linear temporal logic, based on Pnueli’s LTL, it is based on a rich set of logical and arithmetical operations on bit vectors to describe state(More)
We describe a framework for dynamic verification of temporal assertions based on assertion compilation into deterministic automata. The novelty of our approach is that it allows efficient dynamic verification of general linear temporal formulas written in formal property specification languages such as LTL, ForSpec, PSL, and SVA, while the existing(More)
The most successful technologies for automatic verification of large industrial circuits are bounded model checking, abstraction, and iterative refinement. Previous work has demonstrated the ability to verify circuits with thousands of state elements achieving bounds of at most a couple of hundreds. In this paper we present several novel techniques for(More)
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