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The voltage-dependent M-type potassium current (M-current) plays a major role in controlling brain excitability by stabilizing the membrane potential and acting as a brake for neuronal firing. The KCNQ2/Q3 heteromeric channel complex was identified as the molecular correlate of the M-current. Furthermore, the KCNQ2 and KCNQ3 channel alpha subunits are(More)
Laminin alpha 2, a sub-unit of the basement membrane component laminin-2, is deficient in the dy/dy and allelic dy2 J/dy2 J mouse. It is also the defective protein in a proportion of children with congenital muscular dystrophy. Linkage and mutational analysis have established that this is a primary effect caused by defects in the LAMA2 gene. Laminin alpha 2(More)
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