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With 5.9 billion reported users, mobile phones constitute a new, ubiquitous and rapidly growing exposure worldwide. Mobile phones are two-way microwave radios that also emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Inconsistent results have been published on potential risks of brain tumors tied with mobile phone use as a result of important methodological(More)
In this paper we consider a wireless network, where each transceiver is equipped with a directional antenna, and study two direction assignment problems, determined by the type of antennas employed. Given a set S of transceivers with directional antennas, located in the plane. We investigate two types of directional antennas — quadrant antennas and(More)
From September 1999 through January 2004 during the second Intifada (al-Aqsa), there were frequent terror attacks in Jerusalem. We assessed the effects on case fatality of introducing a specialized, intensified approach to trauma care at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Hospital Shock Trauma Unit (HHSTU) and other level I Israeli trauma units. This approach(More)
There is an abundant literature on the adverse effects of solvents on the neurobehavioral performance, higher brain functions, and chronic solvent-induced encephalopathy. However, the occurrence of solvent-related schizophrenia is rare, with few reports on the link between solvent exposure and schizophrenia. Here, we report on a patient with schizophrenia,(More)
The purpose of the study was to measure urinary organophosphate (OP) metabolites in Palestinian pregnant women, and to compare levels with those in pregnant women in Jerusalem and women from the general population in Israel. We measured six dialkyl phosphates in urine samples collected from 148 pregnant women from the West Bank area. Median total dimethyl(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on cardiovascular calcification is unknown. We sought to evaluate the effects of EMF on vascular calcification in normal rats and in rats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) - a condition which promotes calcification. METHODS We used four groups of rats: group 1 - exposed to EMF, group 2 - not exposed(More)
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