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In this paper we consider a wireless network, where each transceiver is equipped with a directional antenna, and study two direction assignment problems, determined by the type of antennas employed. Given a set S of transceivers with directional antennas, located in the plane. We investigate two types of directional antennas — quadrant antennas and(More)
With 5.9 billion reported users, mobile phones constitute a new, ubiquitous and rapidly growing exposure worldwide. Mobile phones are two-way microwave radios that also emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Inconsistent results have been published on potential risks of brain tumors tied with mobile phone use as a result of important methodological(More)
There is an abundant literature on the adverse effects of solvents on the neurobehavioral performance, higher brain functions, and chronic solvent-induced encephalopathy. However, the occurrence of solvent-related schizophrenia is rare, with few reports on the link between solvent exposure and schizophrenia. Here, we report on a patient with schizophrenia,(More)
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