Yael M Simons

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In humans, fetal ethanol exposure is highly predictive of adolescent ethanol use and abuse. Prior work in our labs indicated that fetal ethanol exposure results in stimulus-induced chemosensory plasticity in the taste and olfactory systems of adolescent rats. In particular, we found that increased ethanol acceptability could be attributed, in part, to an(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric vaccination has resulted in declines in disease in unvaccinated individuals through decreasing pathogen circulation in the community. About 2 years after implementation of pediatric rotavirus vaccination in the United States, dramatic declines in rotavirus disease were observed in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Whether this(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known from patients' perspective about the quality of postdischarge care and the causes of rehospitalization after elective surgery. METHODS A prospective observational cohort study was conducted. RESULTS Of 400 patient participants, 374 completed the 30-day follow-up questionnaire (completion rate, 94%). Half of all unplanned(More)
BACKGROUND Simple interventions such as facecards can improve patients' knowledge of names and roles of hospital physicians, but the effect on other aspects of the patient-physician relationship is not clear. OBJECTIVE To pilot an intervention to improve familiarity with physicians and assess its potential to improve patients' satisfaction, trust, and(More)
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