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The fabrication of nanometric holes within thin silicon-based membranes is of great importance for various nanotechnology applications. The preparation of such holes with accurate control over their size and shape is, thus, gaining a lot of interest. In this work we demonstrate the use of a focused electron-beam-induced etching (FEBIE) process as a(More)
The fabrication of nanometric pores with controlled size is important for applications such as single molecule detection. We have recently suggested the use of focused electron beam induced etching (FEBIE) for the preparation of such nanopores in silicon nitride membranes. The use of a scanning probe microscope as the electron beam source makes this(More)
Immunosensors are powerful analytical tools in clinical and veterinary diagnostics. This has led us to design a chemiluminescent immunosensor aimed at identifying anti-Brucella antibodies using optical fibers as the transducer. In order to develop the optimal transducer, to achieve an optimal chemical modification thereby allowing an optimal covalent(More)
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