Yael Levy-Shraga

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AIMS To identify clinical characteristics and co-morbidity rates of children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus at younger than 6 years of age. METHODS Data were obtained from a retrospective chart review of 103 patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at younger than 6 years (study group) and 220 patients at older than 6 years (comparison group).(More)
BACKGROUND Ataxia telangiectasia (AT) is a genetic multisystem disorder, presenting with progressive ataxia, immune deficiency, and propensity toward malignancy. Endocrine abnormalities (growth retardation, reproductive dysfunction, and diabetes) have been described, however detailed information regarding this aspect is lacking. We aimed to characterize(More)
Recent studies in adults suggest that pituitary deficiencies develop in a considerable proportion of patients who recover from infectious meningitis. The aim of this study was to evaluate pituitary function of children with a history of meningitis. Seventy-nine children were admitted to the Safra Children’s Hospital due to meningitis between 2007 and 2010.(More)
OBJECTIVE In obese children, bone age (BA) tends to significantly exceed chronological age (CA). In vitro studies in mice suggest that insulin may directly modulate skeletal growth. We investigated whether there is an association between fasting insulin and BA maturation in obese children. METHODS The study cohort comprised 74 overweight and obese(More)
Evaluation of clot formation in neonates is troublesome. Our aim was to investigate cord blood clot formation of pre-term versus full-term infants and adults, using rotating thromboelastogram (ROTEM), Pentafarm, Munich, Germany). ROTEM was investigated in cord blood of 184 full-term and 47 pre-term infants. Measurements of the clotting time (CT), clot(More)
Adequate adrenocortical function is essential for survival in critical illness. Most critically ill patients display elevated plasma cortisol concentrations, which reflects activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and is considered to be a homeostatic adaptation. However, many critically ill patients have 'relative' or 'functional' adrenal(More)
OBJECTIVE Klotho is an aging-modulating protein expressed mainly in the kidneys and choroid plexus, which can also be shed, released into the circulation and act as a hormone. Klotho deficient mice are smaller compared to their wild-type counterparts and their somatotropes show marked atrophy and reduced number of secretory granules. Recent data also(More)
Diabetes is associated with increased risk for eating disorders; with different types of eating disorders associating with different types of diabetes. Binge eating disorders show increased prevalence among individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Intentional omission of insulin for the purpose of inducing weight loss presents among individuals with type 1(More)
UNLABELLED The issue of platelet function in infants and neonates is of interest, and current data are debatable. A new method for assessing platelet function involves using the cone and plate(let) analyzer (CPA), applicable for small (0.2 ml) whole blood volumes. We used polystyrene surface-coated plates to evaluate cord blood neonatal platelet function(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies assessing vitamin D status in adolescents with eating disorders showed inconsistent results. The aim of the current study was to assess vitamin D status in a large cohort of adolescent inpatients with eating disorders and its relation to bone mineral density (BMD) and depression. METHOD 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD), calcium,(More)