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Groups of 9 or 10 cows were assigned to one of three treatments 1) machine-milking three times daily, 2) machine-milking six times daily, and 3) suckling three times daily in addition to machine- milking three times daily. Treatments were conducted during the first 6 wk postpartum; thereafter, all cows were milked three times daily. During treatment, milk(More)
We report on the development and evaluation of an innovative instructional model, which harnesses advanced technologies and local resources (an in-campus museum), to support undergraduate-level art history students in developing the skills required for analyzing artwork. Theory suggests that analyzing artwork requires theoretical knowledge and practical(More)
Learning design Rashomon I – supporting the design of one lesson through different approaches Journal Article How to cite: Persico, Donatella; Pozzi, Francesca; Anastopoulou, Stamatina ; Conole, Gráinne; Craft, Brock; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Hernández-Leo, Davinia ; Kali, Yael; Mor, Yishay; Pérez-Sanagustın, Mar and Walmsley, Helen (2013). Learning design(More)
Peer assessment has been shown as a productive strategy for supporting higher education students to learn from each other, yet it also evokes technical, pedagogical, and emotional challenges. This study seeks to benefit from the affordances of peer assessment while reducing typical tensions. Assessing-the-Assessors is an innovative approach to design and(More)
This research explores the learning that took place in three hybrid universitylevel courses in education, which were designed according to three main designprinciples: (a)engage learners in peer instruction, (b)involve learners in assessment processes, and (c)reuse student artifacts as resource for further learning. These principles were employed in the(More)