Yael Efron

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Phra-Phutthabat No.5 (PB5), a widely grown local variety in Thailand, was crossed with open-pollinated varieties, S3 and S6 lines from different parts of the world. The resulting hybrids were tested in the dry season in Thailand, Laos and Israel with PB5 as the control. A number of hybrids were also tested in the wet season in Thailand and Laos. Hybrids(More)
Feedlot calves given monensin in their feed developed an excessive mortality which peaked 3-4 mo after monensin was withdrawn. Typically the calves died suddenly and necropsy revealed areas of paleness in the skeletal muscles (early cases) and in the myocardium (more chronic cases). Histology (in 19 calves) showed swollen myocytes with loss of striation and(More)
Editors’ Note: Somewhere along the way toward widespread teaching of interest-based concepts, Ebner and Efron argue, the teaching of negotiation has lost something – a tough-minded focus on what to do when the pie can’t be enlarged, the competing interests of the parties are intense, and the bargaining zone is small. If we are going to teach our negotiators(More)
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