Yael Dubinsky

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Follow The Sun (FTS) is a special case of global software development. FTS means that software work is handed off every day from one development site to the next -many time zones away. The main benefit is reduction in development duration. Surprisingly, unlike the broader trend of offshore outsourcing, FTS is practiced rarely and misunderstood often. In(More)
Follow the sun (FtS) has interesting appeal—hand off work at the end of every day from one site to the next, many time zones away, in order to speed up product development. although the potential effect on “time to market” can be profound, at least conceptually, FtS has enjoyed few documented industry successes because it is acknowledged to be extremely(More)
Many companies develop software product lines-collections of similar products-by cloning and adapting artifacts of existing product variants. Transforming such cloned product variants into a "single-copy" software product line representation is considered an important software re-engineering activity, as reflected in numerous tools and methodologies(More)
Agile software development in general and Extreme Programming (XP) in particular, promote radical changes in how software development organizations traditionally work. We present and analyze new data from a real, large-scale agile project to develop a business-critical enterprise information system for the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Our results offer new(More)
This paper discusses the suitability of the qualitative research approach to computer science education research. It is based on the following two observations: First, only a small proportion of works presented in the computer science education literature contain some experimental component (Fincher and Petre, 2004; Valentine, 2004). Second, those research(More)
This article presents a study that aims at constructing a teaching framework for software development methods in higher education. The research field is a capstone project-based course, offered by the Technion’s Department of Computer Science, in which Extreme Programming is introduced. The research paradigm is an Action Research that involves cycles of(More)