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Follower networks such as Twitter and Digg are becoming popular form of social information networks. This paper seeks to gain insights into how they evolve and the relationship between their structure and their ability to spread information. By studying the Douban follower network, which is a popular online social network in China, we provide some evidences(More)
Topic discussion is a significant phenomenon on the online social network, which would attract the rising attention in the near future. In this paper, we predict the tendency of topic discussion on the online social networks using a dynamic probability model. We analyze the process of topic discussion, and give the formulation of it. Three main factors(More)
Groups discussing popular topics in online social networks are of great interests recently. In this paper, we measure the dynamics of the online groups discussing incidental popular topics and present method for predicting the dynamic sizes of incidental topic groups. It is found that the dynamic sizes of incidental topic groups follow the law of(More)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders; it is characterized by polycystic ovaries, hyperandrogenism and chronic anovulation. To obtain a global view of those genes that might be involved in the development of this complex clinical disorder, we used recently developed cDNA microarray technology to compare differential(More)
As the most competitive solution for next-generation network , software-defined network (SDN) and its dominant implementation OpenFlow, are attracting more and more interests. But besides convenience and flexibility, SDN/OpenFlow also introduces new kinds of limitations and security issues. Of these limitations, the most obvious and maybe the most neglected(More)
Community detection is a common problem in various types of big graphs. It is meaningful to understand the functions and dynamics of networks. The challenges of detecting community for big graphs include high computational cost, no prior information, etc.. In this work, we analyze the process of random walking in graphs, and find out that the weight of an(More)
About 10 –15 % of all clinically recognized pregnancies result in spontaneous miscarriages, and chromosomal abnormalities are the most common reason. The conventional karyotyping on chorionic villus samples (CVSs) is limited by cell culture and its resolution. This study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of the application of high throughput genetic(More)
Micro-blogging is becoming an important platform for propagation and diffusion of news, ideas and innovations. Its unique pattern of information diffusion and dynamics has attracted many researchers. Compared to other studies, this paper provides a new perspective of analysis for the diffusion process. A multi-level structure is defined to demonstrate the(More)