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The nearest goal of ShanghaiGrid is to going to connect all supercomputers in this metropolis together to form a sharing environment for massive storage and grid computing. The first stage projects of ShanghaiGrid comprise four sub-projects, including 1) research on environment, protocols and standards of information gird infrastructure; 2) development of(More)
The Kerberos is applied widely in OS and grid computing environment. The Kerberos system isn’t secure enough for symmetrical encryption. The paper describes a method that transform symmetrical key into asymmetric encryption on the basis of keeping symmetrical key of one side changeless. The algorithm strengthens the security of Kerberos protocol through(More)
The goal of the ShanghaiGrid is to provide information services to the people. It aims to construct a metropolitan-area information service infrastructure and establish an open standard for widespread upper-layer applications from both communities and the government. This paper introduces the Information Service Grid Toolkit in detail.
Kerberos is a network authentication protocol & is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography. Our research was aimed at enhancing the security of transactions over a network. In this paper, we used Kerberos Encryption Technique for authentication and transaction security in the network.(More)
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