Yadollah Ordokhani

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Rationalized Haar functions are developed to approximate the solution of the nonlinear Volterra–Fredholm–Hammerstein integral equations. The properties of rationalized Haar functions are first presented. These properties together with the Newton–Cotes nodes and Newton–Cotes integration method are then utilized to reduce the solution of(More)
In this research, a Bernoulli wavelet operational matrix of fractional integration is presented. Bernoulli wavelets and their properties are employed for deriving a general procedure for forming this matrix. The application of the proposed operational matrix for solving the fractional delay differential equations is explained. Also, upper bound for the(More)
A numerical technique for solving the classical brachistochrone problem in the calculus of variations is presented. The brachistochrone problem is first formulated as a nonlin-ear optimal control problem. Application of this method results in the transformation of differential and integral expressions into some algebraic equations to which Newton-type(More)