Yadira Roggeveen

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Limited integration of contextual factors in maternal care contributes to slow progress towards achieving MDG5 in sub-Sahara Africa. In Ngorongoro, rural Tanzania, the maternal mortality ratio is high with 642 maternal deaths/100,000 live births. Skilled birth attendants (SBAs) assist only 7% of deliveries. This study, undertaken from 2009 to 2011, used(More)
HIV/AIDS prevention strategies often neglect traditions and cultural practices relevant to the spread of HIV. The role of women in the HIV/AIDS context has typically been relegated to high-risk female groups such as sex workers, or those engaged in transactional sex for survival. Consequently, these perceptions are born out in the escalation of HIV/AIDS(More)
BACKGROUND Increased preparedness for birth and complications is an essential part of antenatal care and has the potential to increase birth with a skilled attendant. We conducted a systematic review of studies to assess the effect of birth preparedness and complication readiness interventions on increasing birth with a skilled attendant. METHODS PubMed,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study whether data on maternal mortality can be gathered while maintaining local ownership of data in a pastoralist setting where a scarcity of data sources and a culture of silence around maternal death amplifies limited awareness of the magnitude of maternal mortality. METHODS As part of a participatory action research project,(More)
BACKGROUND The recent WHO report on health promotion interventions for maternal and newborn health recommends birth preparedness and complications readiness interventions to increase the use of skilled care at birth and to increase timely use of facility care for obstetric and newborn complications. However, these interventions are complex and relate(More)
BACKGROUND One of the effective strategies for reducing the number of maternal deaths is delivery by a skilled birth attendant. Low utilization of skilled birth attendants has been attributed to delay in seeking care, delay in reaching a health facility and delay in receiving adequate care. Health workers could play a role in helping women prepare for birth(More)
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