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A single-subject design was used to assess the effectiveness of therapy ball chairs on classroom participation in 6 boys with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The sensory processing pattern of each participant was assessed using the Sensory Processing Measure. Data on in-seat behavior and engagement were collected using digital video recordings during Circle(More)
During June-July 2004, public health officials in Pennsylvania were notified of cases of the parasitic disease cyclosporiasis among persons associated with a residential facility (e.g., residents, staff, and volunteers). CDC confirmed the diagnosis of Cyclospora cayetanensis infection by examining stool specimens from multiple patients. By early July, local(More)
Control systems engineering has been part of every engineering field. Whether in electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical, or chemical engineering, control systems play a relevant part both in the academe and in the industry. Thus, there is a big need to develop strategies which will help undergraduate and graduate students of engineering learn more and(More)
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