Yadin Y. Goldschmidt

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In this experiment a steady-state current is maintained through a liquid-crystal thin film. When the applied voltage is increased through a threshold, a phase transition is observed to a convective state characterized by the chaotic motion of rolls. Above the threshold, an increase in power consumption is observed that is manifested by an increase in the(More)
Phase transitions from an active into an absorbing, inactive state are generically described by the critical exponents of directed percolation (DP), with upper critical dimension d(c)=4. In the framework of single-species reaction-diffusion systems, this universality class is realized by the combined processes A-->A+A, A+A-->A, and A-->0. We study a(More)
Quantum fluctuations and glassy behavior: The case of a quantum particle in a random potential. Abstract In this paper we expand our previous investigation of a quantum particle subject to the action of a random potential plus a fixed harmonic potential at a finite temperature T. In the classical limit the system reduces to a well-known " toy " model for an(More)
We develop a new variational scheme to approximate the position dependent spatial probability distribution of a zero dimensional manifold in a random medium. This celebrated 'toy-model' is associated via a mapping with directed polymers in 1+1 dimension, and also describes features of the commensurate-incommensurate phase transition. It consists of a(More)
We study the effects of weak point and columnar disorder on the vortex-lattice phase transitions in high temperature superconductors. The combined effect of thermal fluctuations and of quenched disorder is investigated using a simplified cage model. For point disorder we use the mapping to a directed polymer in a disordered medium in 2+1 dimensions. For(More)
Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of a particle in a random potential. Abstract In this paper we carry out Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of a quantum particle in a one-dimensional random potential (plus a fixed harmonic potential) at a finite temperature. This is the simplest model of an interface in a disordered medium and may also pertain to an electron(More)
In this paper we consider in detail the connection between the problem of a polymer in a random medium and that of a quantum particle in a random potential. We are interested in a system of finite volume where the polymer is known to be localized inside a low minimum of the potential. We show how the end-to-end distance of a polymer that is free to move can(More)
Multilevel Monte Carlo simulations of the vortex matter in the highly anisotropic high-temperature superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 were performed. We introduced low concentration of columnar defects satisfying Bphi < or = B. Both the electromagnetic and Josephson interactions among pancake vortices were included. The nanocrystalline, nanoliquid, and(More)