Yadawendra Singh

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Palatal rugae, are the ridges on the anterior part of palatal mucosa, each side of the median palatal raphe and behind the incisive papilla. Rugae patterns have been studied for various purposes, and have been established to have a role in positive identification of individuals in suspected cases. The present study aims at determining the effect of growth,(More)
Tumor suppressor p53 is a critical player in the fight against cancer as it controls the cell cycle check point, apoptotic pathways and genomic stability. It is known to be the most frequently mutated gene in a wide variety of human cancers. Single-nucleotide polymorphism of p53 at codon72 leading to substitution of proline (Pro) in place of arginine (Arg)(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to evaluate the decrease of biological equivalent dose and its correlation with local/loco-regional control of tumour in the treatment of cervical cancer when the strength of the Ir-192 high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy (BT) source is reduced to single, double and triple half life in relation to original strength of 10 Ci(More)
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