Yadavalli Venkateswara Rao

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Variations in leaf gas-exchange characteristics, leaf pigment content, and other important leaf traits were investigated in seven wild Oryza species, five hybrids, and five improved varieties. The significant variations were observed in photosynthetic pigment contents amongst different species of Oryza. The mean chlorophyll (Chl) content was higher in O.(More)
In changing climatic conditions, heat stress caused by high temperature poses a serious threat to rice cultivation. A multiple organizational analysis at physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels is required to fully understand the impact of elevated temperature in rice. This study was aimed at deciphering the elevated temperature response in 11(More)
Variation in the response of six diverse rice genotypes to imposed water stress was investigated in terms of leaf photosynthetic traits and leaf water potential measurements (Ψleaf) during and following a period of water stress. The Ψleaf reduced from 0 days up to 6th day of irrigation deprivation and the reduction in Ψleaf was more pronounced in Swarna and(More)
Nitrogen (N) plays an important role in plant growth, development and also one of the major factor for developing a high-yielding rice cultivars. Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in plants is a complex phenomenon that depends on a number of internal and external factors, which include soil N availability, its uptake and assimilation of carbon and nitrogen. An(More)
Genetic diversity among 23 rice genotypes including wild species and cultivars of indica, japonica, aus and aromatic type was investigated using 165 genomewide core set microsatellite (SSR) markers. This genotypic characterization was undertaken to know the genetic similarity among the parental lines to be used in developing a set of chromosome segment(More)
Carbon balancing within the plant species is an important feature for climatic adaptability. Photosynthesis and respiration traits are directly linked with carbon balance. These features were studied in 20 wild rice accessions Oryza spp., and cultivars. Wide variation was observed within the wild rice accessions for photosynthetic oxygen evolution or(More)