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In this paper, a control and readout circuit for MEMS vibratory gyroscope is described, including closed- loop driving axis and open-loop sensing axis. Capacitive mismatch auto-compensation has been implemented in this system to suppress the influence to the output due to the mismatch of gyroscope capacitors. The ASIC is fabricated in a 0.35um CMOS process.(More)
The paper presents a closed-loop system scheme with DC sensing method for vibratory gyroscopes. A DC sensing method is employed to convert the amplitude-modulated capacitive signal to voltage. The system realizes a closed-loop control in the driving mode. A high voltage (HV) drive signal which is compatible with the gyro is obtained by the on-chip level(More)
This paper presents a low-power 14-bit hybrid incremental Σ-Δ/cyclic analog-to-digital converter (ADC) based on pseudo-differential operational amplifier, which is designed for the readout circuit of infrared focal plane array detector. This two-stage hybrid ADC employs an incremental sigma-delta ADC and a cyclic ADC, achieving a good(More)