Yacine Laalaoui

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This paper presents a meta-heuristic approach, namely, the Ant Colony System for non-preemptive scheduling of real-time tasks under timing and precedence constraints on a single processor architecture. The present paper expresses a solution to escape the stagnation situations well known in Ant Colonies based methods. The idea behind our solution is to add a(More)
This paper presents an ACO algorithm to search for feasible schedules of n real-time tasks on M identical processors. Unlike existing works, the proposed algorithm addresses the problem of preemptive scheduling rather than non-preemptive scheduling. A learning technique is integrated to detect and postpone possible preemptions between tasks. The proposed(More)
Tasks scheduling is one of the most important challenges in embedded hard-real-time systems. The problem is known to be NP-Hard and exhaustive search algorithms have no significant benefit in large-scale context. This paper proposes a scatter search based approach for mono-processor systems with timing, precedence and exclusion constraints with no(More)