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A new quantum random number generation method is proposed. The method is based on the randomness of the photon emission process and the single photon counting capability of the Quanta Image Sensor (QIS). It has the potential to generate high-quality random numbers with remarkable data output rate. In this paper, the principle of photon statistics and theory(More)
We examine how teams working on radical innovation develop a novel type of Absorptive Capacity (AC) to make use of external knowledge. In the setting of the semiconductor industry, which has long been an industrial reference for the literature on innovation, we are able to compare AC in incremental innovation and AC in radical innovation. Our central(More)
This paper addresses the design of platform, and more precisely the economics of platform shift in industries with high technological velocity. A platform consists in fixing some design dimensions (such as basic components, modules or processes) to get better performance on some other dimensions (flexibility of alternative development, enhanced variety,(More)
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