Yacine Belhoul

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Retrieving matchings between process models becomes a significant challenge in many applications. Recent attempts have been done to measure similarity of process models based on graph-edit distance. This problem is known to be difficult and computational complexity of exact algorithms for graph matching is exponential. Thus, heuristics must be proposed to(More)
SIP signaling protocol relies on centralized SIP servers deployed on the infrastructure of the network to route SIP messages in order to enable user endpoints to discover each other. However, the lack of the infrastructure in ad hoc networks requires that the network nodes support the tasks of participants discovery and SIP messages routing. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel approach for graph based web service matching. Our approach is inspired by spectral graph matching methods, in particular, by eigen-based projections. We introduce new mechanisms to perform the matchmaking at both structural and semantic levels. These mechanisms are based on algebraic graph techniques that make them run(More)
Recent attempts have been done to measure similarity of process models based on graph matching. This problem is known to be difficult and its computational complexity is exponential. Thus, heuristics should be proposed to obtain approximations. Spectral graph matching methods, in particular eigenvalue-based projections, are know to be fast but they lost(More)
We are interested in the means and methods of collective training, allowing the users to have a mutual help. We propose a prototype of multi-agents system for the collective training through a play. As regards to the field to be taught, we have chosen the programming in a Pascal language. On the other hand, the work carried out can be used to teach other(More)
Topology Control (TC) is a well known technique used in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks to reduce energy consumption. This technique coordinates the decisions of network nodes about their transmission power to save energy, prolong network lifetime, and mitigate MAC-level medium contention, while maintaining network connectivity. In order to ease the(More)
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