Yachiyo Harada

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We investigated whether Ba2+ and Sr2+ can substitute for Ca2+ in stimulating the nitric oxide (NO) production and cause relaxation in vascular smooth muscle. Ba2+ and Sr2+, like Ca2+, relaxed K(+)-depolarized canine coronary arteries in the presence of diltiazem. The Ba(2+)- and Sr(2+)-induced relaxation was endothelium-dependent and was largely inhibited(More)
SUMMARY It is unclear whether the rate of body mass (BM) reduction affects the body composition with an equivalent BM reduction and whether this is influenced by the intensity of BM reduction. To elucidate this, two experiments (Exp.) were conducted. In Exp. 1, the rats fasted for 3 days to decrease BM rapidly (R3); energy was restricted at 85% of their(More)
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