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Russian Jews on three continents : migration and resettlement
Contemporary Sociology, Vol 27, No 3 "The essays and research studies in this collection identify the complex processes involved in recent Russian Jewish immigration to Israel and the United States,Expand
Muslim identity and Islamic practice in post-Soviet Central Asia
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the newly independent countries of Central Asia had the opportunity to endorse religious freedom. Nevertheless, they chose for the most part to continue theExpand
Islam and the Soviet Union
Jewish Culture and Identity in the Soviet Union
Over ten years ago, Benjamin Fain, a physicist now living in Tel Aviv, attempted to hold a conference on Jewish culture in Moscow, an effort that was foiled by the KGB. Many of the participants wereExpand
The Transformation of Historiography on the "Punished Peoples"
The article outlines Russian historiography on one of the most troubled episodes in Soviet history—the deportation of populations on an ethnic basis, sometimes in fact of entire national groups. TheExpand
The Struggle for Soviet Jewish Emigration, 1948-1967
Preface Acknowledgements Glossary List of abbreviations Introduction Part I: 1. The euphoria of 1948 2. Jewish consciousness during the 'black years' 3. The 'thaw', 1953-6 Part II: 4. The outsideExpand
Nationalism in Central Asia in the Context of Glasnost and Perestroika
As elsewhere in the Soviet Union, glasnost has evoked nationalist demonstrations throughout Central Asia. It has also led to a certain amount of political activity with a clear nationalist bent. ThisExpand
From encroachment to involvement