Yaacov Choueka

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In a full-text natural-language retrieval system, frequent need for automatic hngulst~c analysis arises, e.g for keyword expansion in a search process, content analysis, or automatic construction of concordances The avadablhty of sophisticated hngulstic tools, which is highly desirable for languages such as Enghsh, is quite imperative for, say, Semmc(More)
A join is a set of manuscript-fragments that are known to originate from the same original work. The Cairo Genizah is a collection containing approximately 350,000 fragments of mainly Jewish texts discovered in the late 19th century. The fragments are today spread out in libraries and private collections worldwide, and there is an ongoing effort to document(More)
The concordance of a full-text information retrieval system contains for every different word <italic>W</italic> of the data base, a list <italic>L(W)</italic> of &#8220;coordinates&#8221;, each of which describes the exact location of an occurrence of <italic>W</italic> in the text. The concordance should be compressed, not only for the savings in storage(More)