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Animal models are frequently used to aid prediction of intestinal absorption in humans. However, there is little comparative quantitative information on species differences in paracellular permeation, which is an important route for oral absorption of small to medium-sized hydrophilic drug molecules. This study addresses this issue by comparing the(More)
Iterated Function System (IFS) is an important branch of fractal theory and application. There has not been an e!ective method to "nd a given IFS attractor boundary. This paper gives some concepts about Inner Boundary and Inner Splitting Map, and then puts forward `Inner Boundary Filtera algorithm for fast and accurate determination of the spatial boundary(More)
Many different methods can be used to treat open boundary conditions in lattice Boltzmann method. Zou-He method, finite difference velocity gradient method, and regularized method are reviewed and compared for velocity Dirichlet condition for Poiseuille flow with different Reynolds numbers. Using same convergence criterion, all the numerical procedures are(More)
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