YaJuan Guo

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Aiming to reduce the computation and implement compliant control, this paper proposes a novel inverse dynamics control strategy based on the floating-base rigid body system. The control strategy assumes that each leg of the quadruped robot organizes itself into an independent autonomous system, a serial robot. Based on this assumption, the kinematics and(More)
This paper established a set of complete visual digital image processing system under the design environment of graphical user interface (GUI) of MATLAB aiming at the characteristics of digital image processing. This system can achieve visual abstract conception, visual GUI and visual processing result, and highlight explaining theory by vision and speaking(More)
In this paper, a detection method of extra matters on the transmission lines is proposed. Our method can be divided into two steps: the detection of the transmission lines and the detection of the sky. To locate the lines, we design a set of simple and efficient filters to obtain the candidates of the lines. Compared with the previous work using the length(More)
Applying of network security situation awareness in smart substations provides a high level view to understand the security situation of substations. After analyzing security threats faced by smart substations, this paper not only proposes a security situation awareness framework from aspects of physical security, network security, system security, protocol(More)
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