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Semax (100 µM) and its Pro-Gly-Pro fragment (20 and 100 µM) delayed the development of calcium dysregulation and reduction of the mitochondrial potential in cultured cerebellar granule cells under(More)
Changes in cytosolic [Ca2+]i, mitochondrial potential (ΔVm), and mitochondrial NAD(P)H autofluorescence were compared in experiments on cultured cerebellar granule cells co-loaded with Ca2+ indicator(More)
In primary 7–8-day culture of cerebellar granule cells, glutamate exposure (100 µM, 10–240 min) induced a 60–30% drop in ATP level; during the postglutamate period ATP level completely recovered(More)
Rabbit antibodies against GluR1 subunit of AMPA glutamate receptors in a concentration of 1 µg/ml significantly increased intracellular Ca2+ concentration and decreased mitochondrial potential in(More)
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