Ya-ping Feng

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In adult mammals, restoration of function after peripheral nerve injury is often poor and effective therapies are not available. Previously we have shown in mice that a peptide which functionally mimics the human natural killer cell (HNK)-1 trisaccharide epitope significantly improves the outcome of femoral nerve injury. Here we evaluated the translational(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of spinal injury with spinal cord contusion is high in developed countries and is now growing in China. Furthermore, spinal cord injury happens mostly in young people who have a long life expectance. A large number of patients thus are wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives. Therefore, spinal cord injury has aroused great(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of early systemic administration of IL-10 on peripheral neuropathic pain induced by tibial nerve permanent transection [modified spared nerve injury (mSNI)]in adult rats. METHODS Male adult Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats (ten-week old, 250-300 g) with mSNI were randomly divided into mSNI, sham-operated, IL-10 intervention(More)
Cobalt bearing magnetite particles were synthesized by aerial oxidation of ferrous and cobalt ions at alkaline condition and room temperature. The samples obtained at different time intervals during reaction were subjected to XRD and IR, and it was indicated that the cobalt-bearing ferrites were produced through green-rust intermediate phase. Different(More)
Fluorescent immunolabeling and imaging in free-floating thick (50-60 μm) tissue sections is relatively simple in practice and enables design-based non-biased stereology, or 3-D reconstruction and analysis. This method is widely used for 3-D in situ quantitative biology in many areas of biological research. However, the labeling quality and efficiency of(More)
Effective immobilization and transportation are vital to the life-saving acute medical care needed when treating critically injured people. However, the most common types of stretchers used today are wrought with problems that can lead to further medical complications, difficulty in employment and rescue, and ineffective transitions to hospital treatment.(More)
In cranial and spinal nerve ganglia, both axotomized primary sensory neurons without regeneration (axotomy-nonregenerative neurons) and spared intact primary sensory neurons adjacent to axotomized neurons (axotomy-spared neurons) have been definitely shown to participate in pain transmission in peripheral neuropathic pain states. However, whether axotomized(More)
OBJECTIVE Using two antithrombotic treatment (clopidogrel vs. clopidogrel combined warfarin) strategies after femoral-popliteal artery angioplasty prospectively, to evaluate which strategy is more effective for the restenosis prevention. METHODS Totally 50 patients referred for endovascular treatment (including the percutaneous transluminal angioplasty(More)
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