Ya-nan Zhao

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[1] In this study we analyze the ambient levels of lead and other trace species in the bulk aerosol samples from a rural site ∼70 km ESE of Beijing in spring 2005. Lead (0.28 ± 0.24 mg/m 3 , average ± standard deviation), along with several pollution‐related trace elements, was enriched by over 100 fold relative to the Earth's crust. The ambient lead levels(More)
The fraction of ultraviolet (UV) radiation to broadband shortwave (SW) radiation (F UV =UV/SW) and the influences of aerosol, precipitable water vapor content (PWV) and snow on F UV were examined using two year's worth of ground-based measurements of relevant variables in northern China. The annual mean F UV was 3.85%. Larger monthly values occurred in(More)
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