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100-Seed weight (100-SW) of soybean is an important but complicated quantitative trait to yield. This study was focus on the quantitative trait loci (QTLs) of soybean 100-SW from 2006 to 2010, using recombination inbred lines population that was derived from a cross between Charleston and Dongnong 594. A total of 23 QTLs for 100-SW were detected in the(More)
Chromogranin A (CGA)-N46, a derived peptide of human chromogranin A, has antifungal activity. To further research the active domain of CGA-N46, a series of derivatives were designed by successively deleting amino acid from both terminus of CGA-N46, and the amino acid sequence of each derivative was analyzed by bioinformatic software. Based on the predicted(More)
Testes-specific protease 50 is a newly reported threonine enzyme. It has similar amino acid sequences and enzymatic structures to some other serine proteases. It is proposed as a laryngocarcinoma-related gene in human beings. The physiological mechanism by which TSP50 exerts its promoting effects in laryngocarcinoma is not yet fully understood. The study(More)
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