Ya-fei Tian

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Artificial school algorithm (AFSA) is a new kind of intelligence optimization algorithm, which has some advantages that genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) do not have. But this algorithm has several disadvantages such as the blindness of searching at the later stage and the poor ability to keep the balance of exploration and(More)
Partial transmit sequences (PTS) is an effective technique to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals. However, the conventional partial transmit sequence (PTS) technique requires an exhaustive searching over all the combinations of the given phase factors, which results in the computational(More)
The paper introduces a new and simple method of multi-sensor image fusion which is based on an image fusion quality evaluation index with subjectivity and objectivity combined the application of wavelet transform in image fusion, a new image fusion strategy based on pixel level is used, it overcomes the disadvantage of losing easily image details of simple(More)
A novel algorithm, which can be used to resolve the problem that how to use the least vectors in vector space, expresses the known vector, was proposed in this paper. Compared with MP (matching pursuit) algorithm, the new algorithm has less errors and more exactly than MP algorithm of the lower dimension. By this novel algorithm, the vectors was cut off(More)
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