Ya'el Courtney

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BACKGROUND Memantine, an NMDA antagonist, is effective for moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. OBJECTIVE Determine whether memantine improves cognitive performance (CP) among subjects with multiple sclerosis (MS) and cognitive impairment (CI). METHODS This double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial (Clinicaltrials.gov NCT00300716) compared(More)
Background: The traditional power law model, W(L) = aL b , is widely applied to describe weight (W) vs. length (L) in fish. The exponent, b, is independent of the system of units and has an easily interpreted physical meaning as related to isometric growth (b = 3). In contrast, the coefficient, a, depends strongly on both the exponent and the system of(More)
Several papers published since 2006 describe effects of magnetic fields on elasmobranchs and assess their utility in reducing negative interactions between sharks and humans, including bycatch reduction. Most of these repeat a single untested hypothesis regarding physical mechanisms by which elasmobranchs detect magnetic fields and also neglect careful(More)
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