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This paper presents analytical tools aimed at improving and simplifying the development of frequency-controlled dimming electronic ballasts. A modified phasor transformation is proposed that converts a frequency-modulated signal into an equivalent time-varying phasor. The proposed transformation is applied to develop a complete small-signal phasor model of(More)
The number of blastomeres of human day 3 embryos is one of the most important criteria for evaluating embryo viability. However, due to the transparency and overlap of blastomeres, it is a challenge to recognize blastomeres automatically using a single embryo image. This study proposes an approach based on least square curve fitting (LSCF) for automatic(More)
A direct dynamic modelling approach is proposed for envelope signals in resonant inverters. Through decomposition of the modulated input, the small signal transfer functions for envelope signals are then derived, which link the transfer functions of envelope signals to the transfer functions of the resonant tank and simplify analysis and controller design.(More)
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