Ya-Xin Lai

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It is still controversial whether subclinical hypothyroidism and euthyroidism affect blood pressure. The study aimed to explore the relationship between different levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and blood pressure in the participants with subclinical hypothyroidism and euthyroidism. A total of 1319 participants were administered a questionnaire(More)
This study investigated the relationship between serum thyrotrophin levels and dyslipidemia in subclinical hypothyroid and euthyroid subjects. A total of 110 subjects with subclinical hypothyroidism and 1,240 euthyroid subjects enrolled in this study. Patients with subclinical hypothyroidism had significantly lower high density lipoprotein cholesterol(More)
ANGPTL8/betatrophin is a recently discovered hormone, which mainly synthesized and secreted by liver and adipose tissue, playing a critical role in pancreatic beta cell proliferation. Previous studies have suggested that serum ANGPTL8/betatrophin levels are associated with obesity and diabetes mellitus. Here, we evaluated the prospective association between(More)
Carotid atherosclerosis is associated with many serious cardiovascular diseases; hence, it is necessary to identify factors related to its occurrence in order to develop preventive and therapeutic strategies. This study was conducted to identify risk factors associated with carotid atherosclerosis among the population residing in Northeast China.This(More)
Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) can impair endothelial function and cause dyslipidemia. Studies have evaluated the effects of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) on endothelial cells, but the mechanism underlying the proatherosclerotic effect of increased TSH levels remains unclear. In the present study, SCH(More)
The authors applied 30Hz flash stimuli to record steady-state flash visual evoked potentials (FVEP) and extracted the amplitudes and phases of the first and second harmonics as the characteristic value by discrete Fourier transform (DFT). 46 normal controls (89 eyes) and 78 patients (109 eyes) were detected and analysed by this method. The result showed(More)
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