Ya-Xi Chen

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TagClouds is a popular visualization for the collaborative tags. However it has some instinct problems such as linguistic issues, high semantic density and poor understanding of hierarchical structure and semantic relation between tags. In this paper we investigate the ways to support semantic understanding of collaborative tags and propose an improved(More)
Current photo browsers for personal photo collections mostly use the folder structure or camera-recorded time stamps as the only ordering principle. Some also allow manually provided meta-data (tags) for organizing and retrieving photos, but currently, only professional tools allow a pre-grouping of photos by image similarity. We believe that similarity is(More)
Listening histories are rich sources of implicit information. Combining listening histories of multiple users allows comparisons in musical taste and discovery of new music, though few existing work specifically addresses this issue. In this paper we present two interactive visualizations which give users a deeper insight into consent and dissent in their(More)
In music information retrieval (MIR), there are two main research directions, which are based either on a folder hierarchy and metadata, or on the actual acoustic content. We believe that both content-based and hierarchy-based retrieval have their respective strengths for browsing and organizing music collections, and that the integration of content(More)
People's activities around their photo collections are often highly dynamic and unstructured, such as casual browsing and searching or loosely structured storytelling. User interfaces to support such an exploratory behavior are a challenging research question. We explore ways to enhance the flexibility in dealing with photo collections and designed a system(More)
Many online communities use TagClouds, an aesthetic and easy to understand visualization, to represent popular tags collaboratively generated by their users. However, due to the free nature of tagging, such collaborative tags have linguistic problems and limitations, such as high semantic density. Moreover, the alphabetical order of TagClouds poorly(More)
Dyslipidemia and activation of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) contribute to the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). This study investigated possible synergistic effects of intrarenal RAS activation with hyperlipidemia in renal injuries. Apolipoprotein knockout mice were fed with normal chow diet (control) or high fat diet (HF group) for eight(More)
Over the last few years, online multimedia exchange platforms have experienced a rapid growth. They allow users to share their own content and access other's in turn and hence form very large public collections of User-Generated Content. While research is mostly looking at photo sharing platforms , such as Flickr, much less is known about online music(More)
Studies in the field of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) have shown that users would like to use multiple criteria simultaneously and additional criteria besides the widely used metadata of artist, album and song. We present our prototype named CloudMonster, which supports flexible browsing and searching within music collections using multiple criteria. In(More)