Ya-Ping Xiong

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The first example of a metal-free direct carbotrifluoromethylation of alkenes using inexpensive TMSCF3 as the CF3 source is described. The methodology not only exhibits high chemoselectivity for this transformation but also expands the substrate scope that is difficult to access by known transition-metal-catalyzed methods.
An asymmetric unactivated alkene/C-H bond difunctionalization reaction for the concomitant construction of C-CF3 and C-O bonds was realized by using a Cu/Brønsted acid cooperative catalytic system, thus providing facile access to valuable chiral CF3-containing N,O-aminals with excellent regio-, chemo-, and enantioselectivity. Mechanistic studies revealed(More)
A mild, convenient, and step-economical intramolecular aminotrifluoromethylation of unactivated alkenes with a variety of electronically distinct, nitrogen-based nucleophiles in the presence of a simple copper salt catalyst, in the absence of extra ligands, is described. Many different nitrogen-based nucleophiles (e.g., basic primary aliphatic and aromatic(More)
A novel domino copper-catalyzed trifluoromethylated Meyer-Schuster rearrangement reaction with Togni's reagent was developed, leading to α-trifluormethyl (CF3) enone products with moderate to good yields. Furthermore, α-CF3 enones can be transformed toward important trifluoromethyl heterocyclic motifs in a one-pot version.
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