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Research Article Ing-Long Wu National Chung Cheng University ilwu@mis.ccu.edu.tw Ya-Ping Hu National Chung Cheng University yapinghu@mis.ccu.edu.tw Healthcare organizations are essentially associated with highly knowledge-intensive property, and hospital professionals are key to providing high-quality care to patients. KM-enabled performance for hospital(More)
In this study, we propose an analysis system combined with feature selection to further improve the classification accuracy of single-trial electroencephalogram (EEG) data. Acquiring event-related brain potential data from the sensorimotor cortices, the system comprises artifact and background noise removal, feature extraction, feature selection, and(More)
The Harrison-Ruzzo-Ullman problem is the verification of a set of policy rules, starting from an initial protection matrix, for the reachability of a state in which a generic access right is granted. Three decades ago, it was shown to be undecidable; however, recently Kleiner and Newcomb (KN) used communicating sequential processes to prove that the model(More)
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