Ya-Ping Fu

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As one of the largest gene families, F-box domain proteins have important roles in regulating various developmental processes and stress responses. In this study, we have investigated a rice F-box domain gene, MAIF1. The MAIF1 protein is mainly localized in the plasma membrane and nucleus. MAIF1 expression is induced rapidly and strongly by abscisic acid(More)
BACKGROUND High Salinity is a major environmental stress influencing growth and development of rice. Comparative proteomic analysis of hybrid rice shoot proteins from Shanyou 10 seedlings, a salt-tolerant hybrid variety, and Liangyoupeijiu seedlings, a salt-sensitive hybrid variety, was performed to identify new components involved in salt-stress signaling.(More)
We identified a new dehydration-responsive element-binding protein gene, OsDREB6, which is an A-6 subgroup member of the DREB subfamily, of AP2/EREBP proteins, in Oryza sativa ssp. Japonica cv. Nipponbare. Expression pattern analysis indicated that OsDREB6 was induced in response to dehydration, high salinity, and most importantly by cold stress (4°C).(More)
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