Ya-Ping Dai

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The inverted pendulum is a complex, classic nonlinear system. In this paper, we apply adaptive dynamic programming that is a learning control method designed by neural network for inverted pendulum control. To achieve a good control performance, a kind of utility function is studied by means of action-dependent heuristic dynamic programming. According to(More)
The angle bracket Inverted pendulum is a complex nonlinear system, which is composed of a cart, a pole and a ramp supported by a bracket. Compared with normal inverted pendulum system, the angle bracket inverted pendulum has an inertia weight that caused by gravity downward along the ramp. The character of this system increases the difficulty of balancing(More)
We design a scalable networked control system of robot fish in 3-tier architecture using C# programming language under Microsoft .NET platform. The whole system consists of a webcam, a robot fish in pool, a wireless model, a local decision host and a remote controller. Real-time images of the robot fish caught by the webcam were sent to the decision host as(More)
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