Ya Nan Wei

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Chitosan grafted poly(lactic acid) (CS-g-PLA) copolymer was synthesized and characterized by FT-IR and elemental analysis. The degree of poly(lactic acid) substitution on chitosan was 1.90 ± 0.04%. The critical aggregation concentration of CS-g-PLA in distilled water was 0.17 mg/ml. Three methods of preparing CS-g-PLA nanoparticles (diafiltration method,(More)
The aim of this study was to present a non-trypsin 3D cell culture method with a reversible thermosensitive HBCS hydrogel. In this study, hydroxybutyl chitosan (HBCS) was synthesized by grafting hydroxybutyl groups on chitosan molecule chains. The prepared HBCS was water-soluble, and the reversible phase transformation temperature was 26 °C. Scanning(More)
The measurement of internal magnetic fluctuation is important for the study of transport in tokamak plasmas. The runaway electron transport induced by the sawtooth crash can be used to obtain the internal magnetic fluctuation. Inversed sawtooth-like activities on hard x-ray (HXR) fluxes following sawtooth activities were observed after the application of(More)
An x-ray imaging crystal spectrometer has been developed on joint Texas experimental tokamak for the measurement of electron and ion temperatures from the Kα spectra of helium-like argon and its satellite lines. A two-dimensional multi-wire proportional counter has been applied to detect the spectra. The electron and ion temperatures have been obtained from(More)
In order to mitigate the negative effects of the plasma disruption a massive gas injection (MGI) valve is designed for the joint Texas experimental tokamak. The MGI valve is based on the eddy-current repulsion mechanism. It has a fueling volume of 30 ml. The piston of the MGI valve is made by non-ferromagnetic material, so it can be installed close to the(More)
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