Ya Nan Song

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Previous studies have shown that Agrobacterium tumefaciens causes tumors on plants only at temperatures below 32 degrees C, and virulence gene expression is specifically inhibited at temperatures above 32 degrees C. We show here that this effect persists even when the virA and virG loci are expressed under the control of a lac promoter whose activity is(More)
At present, quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells (QDSCs) still exhibit moderate power conversion efficiency (with record efficiency of 6-7%), limited primarily by charge recombination. Therefore, suppressing recombination processes is a mandatory requirement to boost the performance of QDSCs. Herein, we demonstrate the ability of a novel sequential inorganic(More)
Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts with high activity are of particular importance for renewable energy production and storage. Here, we prepare Kx≈0.25IrO2 catalyst that exhibits an excellent OER activity compared to IrO2, which is univerally acknoweledged as a state-of-the-art OER catalyst. The prepared catalyst reflects a small overpotential 0.35(More)
The conversion from triene- to diene-typed ansamycins is clarified step by step in Streptomyces seoulensis IFB-A01. Such an intertype convertibility is adopted to establish for the first time the simultaneous mutasynthesis of both types of C17-benzene ansamycins (C17BAs). Three of the newly generated unnatural compounds showed potent cytotoxicity.
An omnidirectional stereo vision sensor based on one single camera and catoptric system is proposed. As crucial components, one camera and two pyramid mirrors are used for imaging. The omnidirectional measurement towards different directions in the horizontal field can be performed by four pairs of virtual cameras, with a consummate synchronism and an(More)
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