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Polymorphisms in the promoter region are likely to impact KISS1 gene transcription and reproductive traits. In this study, Guanzhong (GZ, n=350) and Boer (BE, n=196) goats were used to detect polymorphism in the promoter of the goat KISS1 gene by DNA sequencing. In the GZ goats, the g.1384G>A mutation was identified in the promoter of the goat KISS1 gene.(More)
In this study, Xinong Saanen (SN) and Guanzhong (GZ) dairy goat breeds were used to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the 5'-flanking region of the KITLG gene by DNA sequencing and primer-introduced restriction analysis-polymerase chain reaction. Two novel SNPs (g.13090G>T and g.13664C>A) were identified (GenBank Accession no. KM658964).(More)
Lespedeza, a genus of the Fabaceae family, is widely distributed in Asia, Australia, and North America. In the last several decades, many flavonoids and isoflavonoids isolated from Lespedeza species have been reported for a variety of biological and pharmacological activities, such as hepatoprotective [1], antioxidant [2], antinematode [3], anticoccidial(More)
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