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Two-pore potassium channels can influence neuronal excitability by regulating background leakage of potassium ions and resting membrane potential. The present study used quantitative real time PCR and in situ hybridization to determine if the decreased activity from deafness would induce changes in two-pore potassium channel subunit expression in the rat(More)
PURPOSE This review outlines the anatomical and functional bases of somatosensory influences on auditory processing in the normal brainstem and midbrain. It then explores how interactions between the auditory and somatosensory system are modified through deafness, and their impact on tinnitus is discussed. METHOD Literature review, tract tracing,(More)
The objective of the present study was to produce a generic monoclonal antibody for immunoassay of residues of benzodiazepine drugs in swine tissues. Clonazepam was used to synthesize a hapten that was coupled to bovine serum albumin as an immunogen for the production of monoclonal antibody. Results showed that the obtained monoclonal antibody was able to(More)
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