Ya Fu

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RasGRPs, which load GTP onto Ras and Rap1, are expressed in vertebrate and invertebrate neurons. The functions, regulation, and mechanisms of action of neuronal RasGRPs are unknown. Here, we show how C. elegans RGEF-1b, a prototypical neuronal RasGRP, regulates a critical behavior. Chemotaxis to volatile odorants was disrupted in RGEF-1b-deficient(More)
Ubiquitously expressed protein kinase D (PKD) isoforms are poised to disseminate signals carried by diacylglycerol (DAG). However, the in vivo regulation and functions of PKDs are poorly understood. We show that the Caenorhabditis elegans gene, dkf-2, encodes not just DKF-2A, but also a second previously unknown isoform, DKF-2B. Whereas DKF-2A is present(More)
BACKGROUND Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a progressive muscle disorder associated with an intellectual deficit which is non-progressive. The aim of this study was to investigate brain microstructural changes in DMD and to explore the relationship between such changes and cognitive impairment. METHODS All participants (12 DMD patients, 14(More)
  • Ya Chiang Fu, Ya Fu, Chiang
  • 2015
Since ancient times (McGonigal, 2010), games have been powerful tools in motivating human behaviors. Today, games have become integrated with social media as a new tool to engage user behavior. This phenomenon, dubbed " gamification, " has recently been widely practiced by for-profit businesses in the last two years, but not by nonprofit organizations(More)
To design a releasable PEGylated TNF-α (rPEG-TNF-α), a cathepsin B-sensitive dipeptide (Val-Cit moiety) was inserted into conventional PEG-modified TNF-α (PEG-TNF-α), facilitating its clinical use for anti-tumor therapy. Comparative pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies showed that the half-lives of both PEGylated forms of TNF-α were ∼60-fold greater(More)
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