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While recent developments in mass spectrometry enable direct evaluation of monoisotopic masses (M(mi)) of smaller compounds, protein M(mi) is mostly determined based on its relationship to average mass (Mav). Here, we propose an alternative approach to determining protein M(mi) based on its correlation with the most abundant mass (M(ma)) measurable using(More)
The design, preparation, as well as structural and functional characterizations of the recombinant fusion protein hVEGF-EGF as a dual-functional agent that may target both EGFR (R: receptor) and angiogenesis are reported. hVEGF-EGF was found to bind to EGFR more strongly than did EGF, and to bind to VEGFR similarly to VEGF. Mass spectrometry measurements(More)
The trivalent lanthanide complex formation constants (log K(f)) of the macrocyclic ligand H(2)ODO2A (4,10-dicarboxymethyl-1-oxa-4,7,10-triazacyclododecane) have been determined by pH titration techniques to be in the range 10.84-12.62 which increase with increasing lanthanide atomic number, and are smaller than those of the corresponding H(2)DO2A(More)
To investigate the effects of different types of anticholinesterase on the incidence of the postoperative nausea and vomiting, 100 ASA class I-II adult premenopausal female patients undergoing elective lower abdominal surgery were randomized into two groups. In both groups, anesthesia was induced with thiopental and fentanyl and 50% nitrous oxide and(More)
The study was designed to observe continuous succinylcholine infusion and phase II block in short surgical procedures (duration < 90 min). The characteristics of neuromuscular blockade produced by continuous succinylcholine infusion were observed in 15 adult patients anesthetized with nitrous-oxide-isoflurane (0.7% end tidal concentration) and fentanyl, and(More)
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