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Turbo code is a coding technique that enhances a reliable data transmission. Because of special structure of encoder and iterative decoder, it could obtain 1dB at low E b N 0 db that closed the channel capacity limit. However, the redundant bits in coding would decrease the bandwidth efficiency. The puncturing scheme could improve the bandwidth efficiency.(More)
Recently, first limits on putative Lorentz invariance violation coefficients in the pure gravity sector were determined by the reanalysis of short-range gravity experiments. Such experiments search for new physics at sidereal frequencies. They are not, however, designed to optimize the signal strength of a Lorentz invariance violation force; in fact the(More)
Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhages are associated with a relatively high mortality rate, and there is no effective treatment so far. Hematoma resorption speed after intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) is believed to correlate with clinical outcome. However, little is known about hematoma resorption rates following spontaneous ICH. The aim of this study is to(More)
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