Ya-Dong Wang

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BACKGROUND The relationship between resistin and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is not clear, some studies claimed that serum resistin levels were associated with neither the presence of NASH nor its severity, others declared that serum resistin was related with inflammation and fibrosis in NASH. Our animal study verified that the distribution of(More)
BACKGROUND Thiamazole is a widely used antithyroid agent that has been approved for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Although thiamazole-induced hepatotoxicity is a main side effect, it may progress to liver failure in a very few cases. CASE PRESENTATION We described a 24-year-old patient with hyperthyroidism and trilogy of Fallot, who developed liver(More)
Observational studies showed that tooth loss is associated with gastric cancer, but the findings are inconsistent. In this study, a meta-analysis was conducted to evaluate the relationship between tooth loss and gastric cancer. Relevant studies were screened in PubMed and Embase databases, and nine observational studies were considered eligible for the(More)
BACKGROUND Many observational studies have shown that exposure to fluoride in drinking water is associated with hip fracture risk. However, the findings are varied or even contradictory. In this work, we performed a meta-analysis to assess the relationship between fluoride exposure and hip fracture risk. METHODS PubMed and EMBASE databases were searched(More)
Tetrachloroethylene is a chlorinated solvent that is primarily used in dry cleaning and degreasing operations. Although the hepatotoxicity caused by tetrachloroethylene has been well documented in literature, it is rarely considered as a cause of acute liver failure. We report a case of a 39-yr-old man who was admitted to our hospital for acute liver(More)
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