Ya D Tsytsyura

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(1) The effects on the whole-cell carbachol-induced muscarinic cationic current (mIcat) of antibodies against the alpha-subunits of various G proteins, as well as the effect of a Gbetagamma subunit, were studied in single guinea-pig ileal smooth muscle cells voltage-clamped at -50 mV. Ionized intracellular calcium concentration, [Ca(2+)](i), was clamped at(More)
The effects of SK&F 96365 on cationic current evoked either by activating muscarinic receptors with carbachol or by intracellularly applied GTPgammaS (in the absence of carbachol) were studied using patch-clamp recording techniques in single guinea-pig ileal smooth muscle cells. SK&F 96365 reversibly inhibited the muscarinic receptor cationic current in a(More)
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