Ya-Chun Chang

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MOTIVATION Differential detection on symptom-related pathogens (SRP) is critical for fast identification and accurate control against epidemic diseases. Conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) requires a large number of unique primers to amplify selected SRP target sequences. With multiple-use primers (mu-primers), multiple targets can be amplified and(More)
A broad-spectrum monoclonal antibody (C4 MAb) against the capsid proteins (CPs) of plant potyviruses has been generated in previous studies. To clarify which epitope is recognized by this MAb, epitope mapping was performed via phage display library screening and amino acid substitution analysis. Subsequently, a 12-residue epitope in the core region of(More)
—Wordline voltage generating circuit with high speed active mode and low power standby mode is proposed. In the active mode, two different ring oscillators with high clock frequency (f CLK) 170MHz, and low clock frequency (f CLK) 25MHz which is also the operating frequency of the entire circuit, are employed. The proposed circuit has a short response time(More)
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