Ya-Chen Chang

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Food security is a global and regional concern of rapidly increasing consequence. It is at risk of inattention because of competing crises, because of its theoretical amenability to previously effective, if temporary measures, most impressively with the so-called Green Revolution and because of the recourse to the global trade paradigm as a putative(More)
  • Min-Chiao Tsai, Jeng-Yi Lee, Ya-Chen Chang, Min-Han Yang, Tin-Tin Chen, I-Chun Chang +4 others
  • 2014
Hollow spheres with size matching the dye's absorption band can greatly enhance light harvesting. The hollow spheres of 450e550 nm harvest light most efficiently for N719 dye molecules. Hollow spheres have higher conversion efficiency per unit volume than that of mesoporous spheres. a b s t r a c t This study elucidates the size effect on dye-sensitized(More)
  • Min-Chiao Tsai, Jeng-Yi Lee, Po-Chin Chen, Yuan-Wei Chang, Ya-Chen Chang, Min-Han Yang +4 others
  • 2013
Through a self-sacrificing template method, highly uniform hollow-spheres of TiO 2 anatase are synthesized with controllable diameter from 365 nm to 930 nm. Compared to large hollow spheres, a large enhancement in the photocatalytic activity is reported for the small hollow spheres (with a thickness of 50 nm). By extending Mie's scattering theory from(More)
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